Friday, April 8, 2011

A prayer of Haci Ahmet Kayhan Dede

Haci Ahmet Kayhan Dede
The honorable Sufi Saint of Turkey


This prayer is a common property of all mankind. They can be recited either after the formal prayers or at any other times. Remember us, too in your prayers.

Dear God, our Creator, thanks and praise be to you. May God's blessings and peace be upon Mohammed and his family. In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

Dear God,
Grant that we may sow peace wherever we go.
Let us be reconcilers and unifiers, not sowers of dissent.
Allow us to disseminate love where there is hate,
forgiveness where there is injury,
faith where there is doubt,
hope where there is despair,
light where there is darkness,
and joy where there is sorrow.

Dear God,
Help us to be not of those who see the failings of others,
but of those who hide them;
not of those who seek consolation,
but those who console;
not of those who wish to be understood,
but those who understand;
not of those who crave to be loved,
but those who love.

Grant that we may become
like the rain,
which bestows life without discrimination wherever it flows;
like the sun,
which enlightens all beings everywhere without distinction;
like the earth
which though everything steps on it,
withholds nothing
and bestows its fruits on everyone;
like the night,
which hides all shames from view
and allows the world to rest.

Grant us the destiny
to join the ranks of those
who give rather than receive,
those who are forgiven because they forgive,
those who are
born in Truth,
live in Truth,
die in truth;
and those who are born again in eternal life.
- Haci Ahmet Kayhan

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