Friday, May 20, 2011

Feeding on goodly words


We have been feeling famished. We were hungry for good words to ring in our ears but we remained deprived. We write often and we speak a lot but surely we too want to be spoken to in the ways that are pleasing. How pleasing? Well...a goodly word; a string of goodly words are like music to our ears. They make us smile, make our hearts bloom in joy, oh so many of the good stuff.

We feed on good words like they are fruits, sweet...sweet... smelling and tasting. Subhanallah, His parable is so very true:

"See you not how Allah sets forth a parable?
A goodly word as a goodly tree,
whose root is firmly fixed,
and its branches (reach) to the sky.
Giving its fruit at all times, by the leave of its Lord,
and Allah sets forth parables for mankind
in order that they may remember."
(Surah Ibrahim (14): 24-25)

Oh, can somebody whisper some sweet words into my ear : D
Heh..heh I love you all. Thanks for letting me be myself!


  1. How strange..I am doing an islamic course and we covered this very ayah:
    Allah wants us to think and reflect on this parable - the wisdom and benefits of this 'tree'. Which he compares to La illaha illah. What are some of the symbols then? If tree is the life ot this world then La illaha illah is the 'tree' of the spiritual world. A tree provides us with oxygen, hence with the spirtual tree our souls feed of, which is the fundamental basis of our souls. A tree provides nourishment, it gives us shade and shelter. Without trees there would be not life. These are some of the facets of the physical treee.

    Relating to the spiritual tree:
    - The foundations is firm, the roots go deep, La illah illah implants you
    - a tree is long established, like the kalima!
    - eman is like a tree, it can never leave the heart of a believer once they have tasted it. When you have eman you cannot hid it, you cannot block a tree that is going to the sky! It is so apparent even if you try you cannot cover it up. It is visible in your mannerisms, how you interact, your eman is even shown in the way you drive your car!
    - It gives multiple fruits , throughout the year, unlike the physical tree it is not seasonal. The prophet pbuh said a person even with a mustard seed of eman will be eventually taken out of hellfire!

    That is all for now, show over folks :)

    Love R,x

  2. MashaAllah, dear R,
    Thank you for sharing such a clever expounding.
    This particular Quranic verse is one of my often-quoted. If I had children I would get them to interpret it in a drawing. It's gonna be beautiful. InshaAllah.