Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rajab Practices


Let's revise the wirid for practice in Rajab as published in this old posting:
May Allah protect us from hellfire. May Allah give us the strength to fast and perform the night prayers (qiyammulail).

Robbigh firli warhamni watub 'alaiya
(recite 70x morning and afternoon in the month of Rajab)

Allahumma bariklana
fi Rajaba wa Sha'aban fabal lighna Ramadhan
Ya Robbal 'alamin
war zuqna siyamah
wa qiyamah
wa taqqabbal ha minna

The above wirid was taught by Habib Hamid Omar Al Habshi who learned it from his guru - Shakyh Sayyid Muhammad bin Alawi Al Maliki rahimallahu ta'ala.

We humbly request you to recite Al-Fatihah for Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad Al Maliki  because we strongly believe that we are who we are today (a little better than we were during our jahiliyah days) because of his barakah. He was the first ulama we had met when we began to re-embrace Islam. We cannot forget that last piece of starfruit we ate from a fruit platter which he blessed. Alhamdulillah, one piece was all that we needed to cherish for a lifetime. Shukran lillah.

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