Thursday, July 14, 2011

Laylatul Bara'ah - Nisfu Shaaban


We've been reminded on these special practices on Nisfu Shaaban which came from Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, so we shall remind you too. It may be a common practice but we all need to be reminded every year because we are forgetful.

Let's do these InshaAllah:
- Fast on 13, 14 and 15 Shaaban.
- Between Maghrib and Isha on 15 Shaaban, recite Surah Yaasin 3 times for rizq (provision), protection against bala (troubles) and for a long life with good faith/deeds.

Let's TRY to do these too InshaAllah:
- Pray 100 rakaat (pause after every 2 rakaat)
First rakaat: Recite Al Fatihah once & Al Ikhlas twice
Second rakaat: Recite Al Fatihah once & Al Ikhlas once
- Once done, continue reciting Al Ikhlas up to 1000 times

May Allah give us the strength and patience in making full use of the auspicious evening.

Poster credit: Rashid Rahnama


  1. Assalamualaikum, E.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Really appreciate the reminder.
    InsyaAllah, may we all complete the deeds.


    p.s. E, should we do the 100 rakaat prayer on the day/night of 15th, or throughout the 3 days/nights? Thanks.

  2. Wa'alaykumsalam AA,
    From what I understand (based on email from our Naqshabandi network).
    Today (Friday) is 14 Shaaban so we are supposed to recite Yaasin and do the 100 rakaat between Maghrib and Isha tonight.
    And fast yesterday, today and tomorrow (13/14/15).
    The virtues of doing the 100 rakaat:
    "Allah Almighty will protect them from problems, sufferings and wars of the coming year; for them the Doors of Paradise are open in the hereafter and they will see the holy face of the Beloved (saw) while they are in this life."
    Wallahu a'lam.


  3. Salam,

    Untuk dikongsi bersama, dengan izin.

    From Ghunya li-Talibii translated by Muhtar Holland:

    As for the ritual prayer traditional for the night of mid-Sha'ban, it consists of one hundred cycles, including one hundred repetitions of Qul Huwallaahu Ahad (that is to say, ten recitations in each cycle [rakaat]). This prayer is called "Salat al-Khair" (the Prayers of Benefit), and its blessings are many and varied. Our righteous predecessors used to gather to perform it in congregation. It contains much merit and rich reward.

    It is reported of al-Hassan [al-Basri] (may Allah bestow His mercy upon him) that he once said:

    "Thirty of the companions of Allah's Messenger (Allah bless him and give him peace) related to me that Allah will look seventy times upon one who performs this prayer on this night, and with each glance He will fulfill seventy of that person's needs, the least of them being forgiveness."

    It is also commendable to perform this prayer on the fourteen nights on which vigil is recommended, as we mentioned in the chapter concerning the merits of Rajab, so that the worshipper may thereby obtain this grace, this merit and reward.


  4. MashaAllah Hazbu! Where did you find such a gem? Allahyarham Muhtar Holland, mashaAllah, may his soul mingle with the muqarabeen. We're able to learn so much through his translations.
    Thanks a heap!
    p/s Hazbu we are not in the Malaysian Parliament so need to say 'dengan izin' if you want to speak in English. I thought it's really funny of you to say that.