Friday, July 22, 2011

"Let salawat be your guide" - Shaykh Jamal Faroq Ad Daqqaq


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah for the opportunity to sit before the honorable Al Azhar scholar for the second time tonight. Prof. Dr. Shaykh Jamal Faroq Ad Daqqaq spoke to the jemaah at KL Ba'alawi on the virtues of salawat and the supreme ranking of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w

One important lesson learned that we wish to highlight (for now) is the 'capability' (if you will) of salawat to sort of replace a murabbi (guru/guide). Shaykh Jamal  said, Allah will not decline any salawat offered by anyone. We can make du'a but we can't be certain if Allah will accept it, but salawat is an exception.

There was an author by the name of Muttaki al Hindi who named his kitab rather uniquely. It's called Hidayatul Rabbi fi fakdi Murabbi. It basically means getting guidance from Allah without the presence of a murabbi. Whenever one has got no one to guide, salawat will and can serve as his/her guide. That is how significant a salawat is. It can function as a murabbi - a guide who teaches and coaches a mureed towards the right path.

Quoting one of the major hadith on the tenfold rewards given to a person who makes a salawat, Shaykh Jamal said  salawat is indeed a great blessing from Allah. If we make ten, He will grant us a hundred blessings in return and so on and so forth. Which one would you choose if you were given a choice between having all the deeds of man or one salam from Allah? A clever person will definitely choose a salam from Allah.
To be continued, InshaAllah.

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