Saturday, July 23, 2011

Positive move


What have I learned today and yesterday while carrying 60 kg of luggage, load and unload it for like 20 times (or maybe more)? That when we die,  we will not even take a single piece of luggage with us. So why do we need so much stuff? Astaghfirullahal azeem. I made an intention that the least I could do to redeem myself is to entertain more guests at this temporary dwelling place InshaAllah and I will make it look and feel more like a zawiyah InshaAllah. I have been thinking about calligraphy posters for weeks and suddenly when I switched on the tv for the first time at my new apartment, guess what I saw? A lady who makes and sells calligraphic poster! Subhanallah! Such a sweet gesture from my Lord and InshaAllah on Monday this painting will make its way to my humble crib.

By the way, people, I am sorry this blog entry is kinda personal and trivial. My mind is too exhausted to craft anything valuable. I am actually writing this on sunday. I was hoping to go to Al-Jenderami today for Haul of Sayyidatina Khatijah al-Kubra but my lethargic body failed me.  Luckily, Alhamdulillah KL Ba'alawi was also hosting a majlis taalim tonight so I got to learn something useful there as preparations for Ramadhan. InshaAllah.

This is life. Either we move or we stay put. May each and every single move we make be for the sake of Allah. May each and every non-movement be for the sake of Allah too. (That in Malay as I've heard it from one of the guides is: Jadikanlah setiap gerak dan diam untuk Allah.)

Another lesson I learned and wished to impart to the young people is that do not be stingy with your qudrah (energy/capability). Everything has a zakat (alms) so I learned the zakat for your body is that you tire yourself and exert your physical strength to help others, to do something useful for them. I sure pray Allah would accept my bodily zakat and prime intention to provide a comfortable shelter for my mother.

And I am reminded of this du'a made by Prophet Ibrahim: Inni muhajirun ila rabbi innahu huwal azizul hakim. "Indeed I am migrating toward my Lord. Indeed He is the Mighty, the Wise."(Al-Ankabut 29:26)

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