Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Worthy Warith


When we make du'a we are supposed to have a good degree of certainty that He will grant our petition. Certainty has got to be more precious than gold because imagine Allah giving us whatever it is that we plead to Him. Isn't it amazing that this certainty while making du'a is intangible and invisible yet it weighs a lot more than any amount of wealth that we may possess.

Rabbi la tazarni fardan wa anta khairul warithin. This is one of our du'a. 'O Lord don't leave me alone, and You are the best of heirs.'

Today as we sat through a funeral and observed the event, we realised the importance of having a knowledgeable and pious son. This son, the warith of the deceased looked relatively young and the look on his face showed that he was a little nervous as he began to  realise the heavy role and responsibilities ahead of him. He is the only man left in the family now and he has two younger sisters and a mother to care for. He sat next to the imam while the imam perfomed the final recitals (talqin mayyit).  

It dawned upon us that anyone who is gifted with a son should put in tremendous efforts to make sure he is worth a thousand sons - for moments like this.

We pray our son will remember to keep the tongue of his heart occupied with Al -Ikhlas for us, while handling our final day. We pray that Allah will grant our son the knowledge, gnosis, piety and strength equivalent to a thousand men. That is our prayer, not just for a warith but for a worthy warith - one who is qawiyul ameen, who has erfan mubeen.



  1. 113 days to go!


    xxx R xxx

  2. Thanks R. It's a lovely video.
    Made me a little sad thinking about my chances. Go or no go this year, Allah knows what's best. Results will come in next month (Ramadhan)InshaAllah.
    By the way, thanks a bundle for your parcel. The glasses looked cute : D
    Can't wait to show them to my little niece.


  3. Aah. Its just a little reminder, so you do not forget. Recall you menioned the aspiration at the very beginning of this year, and do not forget even if you cannot go there is a window opportunity by way of Salat Ishraq (20 mins after sunset) which equates to the same reward as Hajj and umrah! (There's money saved right there :p). Inshallah may allah swt grant us a spiritual makeover, as long as we are always conscious of Him then that is all that matters. Inshallah just keep praying, and dont just pray BEG him. Wish you a blessed Shaban. x