Tuesday, August 16, 2011

16th Ramadhan 1432H


Why me? Why this? Why now? We wish to emphasize this point especially to our family - please, if you can, don't ask these questions. There are times to be inquisitive but when it comes to His decree and His actions, we just can't. It's not easy on the self but that's how it is. If He makes your heart constrict, makes you sad, just embrace it, even if you find it hard to smile, just embrace it.

Here's what Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al Jilani (q.s) had to say about these forbidden questions. 'What is this?', he asked us in return.

"O my people! What is this? You are in delusion. You are involved in a useless waste of time. Be patient with Allah s.w.t and you will experience good things in this world and the hereafter. If you wish to make Islam a reality, you must practise obedient submission (istislam), and if you wish for nearness to Allah s.w.t, you must fall prostrate before His decree (qadar) and His action (fi'l) - with no "Why?" and no "How?" - for thus you will draw near to Him. You must not will anything, for it can do you no good. As Allah s.w.t has said: 'But you will not, unless Allah wills.' (Qur'an 76:30)

"Since you cannot accomplish what you will, do not will! Do not challenge Him in His workings (af'al). If He takes away your honor, your property, your health and your children, and destroys your reputation, you must smile in the face of His decree (qadar), His will (irada) and His transformative action (tabdil). This is how you must be if you wish for His nearness, if you wish for pure serenity (safa) in His company. If you wish your heart to attain to Him while you are still in this world, you must hide your sorrow and let your cheerfulness show."

Credit: Muhtar Holland & Ruslan Moore of Al Baz Publishing


  1. When I read this I just can't say anything.Subhanallah, Ya Rab ampunkanlah dosa2 ku yang begitu banyak.Aku telah banyak kali tidak beradab kepada Mu namun aku harap dapat dekat kepada MU ...........Ya Allah Ya Allah, hilangkanlah bisikan kufur didalam hatiku yg dibisikan oleh syaitan & nafsuku...

  2. Subhanallah. Terimakasih kerana ikhlas berkongsi perasaan anda.

    Hanya orang yang pernah merasai sesuatu kepahitan sahaja yang dapat memahami bagaimana sukar untuk bersabar menerima takdir Ilahi. Semoga Allah memberi kita semua kekuatan dalam menempuh perjalanan menuju hari akhir kita. Alhamdulillah, Allah beri kita nikmat menjadi seorang Islam, justeru bagaimana getir pengalaman hidup di dunia ini kita masih boleh menaruh harapan akan kehidupan yang indah di hari kemudian, bi-iznillah.

    Wallahu a'lam.

  3. Keep smiling Ezza - its sunnah!

    "Be patient for only a little remains."

    Focus on what you have - not what you do not have, easily said but hard to bear. Still.

    Only 79 days to go, how quick it is flying. Our hearts are in Medina even if our bodies are not. Still wishing for a miracle, meeting you on Arafat inshallah would be splendid.

    Love you much, R. x

  4. Salam R,
    Thank you so much for sharing your optimism! I needed that. In fact, I need all the positive energy and sincerity I could get from people like you and some of the wonderful visitors here. Because every now and then my energy gets sapped by creatures who would steal my time, people who spent their time and tried their best to get my attention by claiming all sorts of things. Some claimed to be wali! Some claimed to be descendants of a great shaykh! Some would promote their good deeds, this, that. What for?! I don't know!
    Allah.....I think this is the price I have to pay for having a blog.

    R, once again, I appreciate your du'a for me. May Allah preserve the beauty of your heart and soul and bless you many times more than your prayers for me.

    Grateful but perplexed,