Thursday, August 18, 2011

18th Ramadhan 1432H


It's amazing and not surprising at all that we all feel at home at Masjidil Haram. Indeed, the feeling is awesome. Subhanallah. Weary from our travels around the world, mentally tired for having to maneuver our way through tricky cities and meeting all sorts of creatures, then to come home to such a tranquil place where all headaches and heartaches get cured the moment we step inside the magnificent masjid. Subhanallah.

Today we are feeling suffocated from having dealt with certain creatures and feeling overwhelmed by the antics of this world. Wished we were in Makkah! Well... at least it's raining right now in KL so we are a little relieved psychologically as if the rain is washing away our blues.

Rain in KL from my window
And when we are feeling taxed by it all we just want to escape don't we? The honorable Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al Jilani said in one of his Ramadhan tausiyah:

"O my people!
Escape to Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala!
Flee to Him from creatures and this world,
and from everything whatsoever that is apart from Him.
Go home to Him with your hearts.
Surely you have heard His words:
'Do not all things come home to Allah?' (Quran 42:53)

Later this evening when we break our fast at iftar, may our heart flee to His blessings, for our siyam (fasting) is for Him, it's not even for us. Siyam is sirr, an act of worship that is hidden though its virtue is apparent as it is for Him alone. Subhanallah. May He accept our fasting. May He accept our home coming.

My heart and thoughts are with Hajjah Azmah (a pillar of support for KL Ba'Alawi) who is spending the entire Ramadhan in Makkah. May Allah let us benefit from her du'a InshaAllah.

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