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23rd Ramadhan 1432H (7th Haul of Sayyid Muhammad bin Alawi Al-Maliki)


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah. We shall repeat what we said earlier, that Sunday evening (22nd Ramadhan) was the best Ramadhan evening we've had so far. So grateful that we were able to attend Majlis Haul for Saydatina Khadijah Al-Kubra and As Sayyid Muhammad bin Alawi Al Maliki which was graciously hosted by Ba'alawi KL.

Shaykh Fahmi Zamzam Al-Maliki, a student of As Sayyid Muhammad bin Alawi Al Maliki (Abuya) was very close to Abuya and special enough to be given permission to carry the Al-Maliki title. Shaykh Fahmi gave a tausiyah on his dear guru.

He said:
This is the 7th Haul for Abuya. We are gathered here not to mourn over his death. We are here to reminisce about his benevolence, generosity, his akhlak and contributions. This is not majlis maktam where people weep for the demise. We are here to recollect Abuya's kindness and excellence in different branches of knowledge. Ulama' is of the view that Abuya deserves to be recognized as 'the leader for ahlul sunnah wal jamaah of the 21st century'.

As Sayyid Muhammad bin Alawi Al Maliki died on 15th Ramadhan 1425H (in 2004). May Allah shower His mercy on him, grant him pardon until he is reunited in heaven with the other ulama' and all of us too InshaAllah.

Abuya's esteemed character was well known by those near and far. He was gifted with bastatan fil 'ilmi wal jisim - a vast knowledge and reputable akhlak. He was not only an ulama' but also blessed with dunya's affluence. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said, 'good properties  only get better if they belong with the solehin.' Abuya's philantrophy had benefited at least 70 pesantren (traditional religious schools) in Indonesia. He made monthly financial contributions to these schools including the one I attended.

We are asked to mention the good deeds of people who have left us. Abuya was also known for his adab in dealing with his opponents. He would be gentle in addressing contentious issues with his opponents and would make du'a for them. This exemplary attitude of his can be clearly seen in his Kitab Al-Mafahin, a kitab which he considered dearest to him, a kitab which received plenty of support from ulama' worldwide. He was accused of being blasphemous and to counter such accusations he wrote a kitab describing his ways and aqidah.

The purpose of this haul is to strengthen our  love for Abuya and all other ulama' like him. When we remenisce his goodness and superiority, we would naturally love him more. We love the solehin and we hope to be gathered with them at qiyamah, the day when, according to a hadith by Imam Muslim, we will be ushered to Mahsyar with the people we love.

This is a deed of the heart. Our capital is our love for the mu'aleem. It was said that wherever we mention the names of the solehin, mercy and barakah will descend upon that place.

Without a doubt, Allah had gifted Abuya with numerous merits. There is a sha'ir (poetry) about him, his father, grandfather up to Al-Mukhtar (Prophet Muhammad s.a.w) which includes 7 generations of mu'aleem. And now with his son Sayyid Ahmad as the 8th generation of this 'aleem family. We can see in Sayyid Ahmad the traces of Abuya, true to the sayings: fil walad sirrul walid or al walad sirrul abi, which means 'a son is his father's secret'.

If we want Allah to protect our children and future generations, we as parents must have good akhlak ourselves. Sayyid Ahmad is Abuya's warith. His piety is evidently a result of his ancestors being pious and honorable. By Abuya's barakah, may this benefit will also flow to his students and the students of his students.

Abuya's father praised his son as being gifted and excellent in several areas such as hadithsanad and fikh. He was also a great speaker. Abuya authored more than 40 kitab which he published and distributed freely. Verily, as concurred by ulama' around the world, Abuya was the leader for ahlul sunnah wal jamaah of the 21st century.
Wallahu a'lam.
May Shaykh Fahmi forgive me for any errors and omissions I may have made.
Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah, I would like to express my shukur that I have benefited from Abuya's barakah tremendously even though I had only sat in his majlis ONCE and even though I had only eaten ONE piece of starfruit which he had blessed!

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