Saturday, August 6, 2011

6th Ramadhan 1432H


We marvel at one incredible occurence which takes place in the unseen realm. It's something amazing we heard from Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi and surely we believed him. That there is an angel in charge of the daily reporting to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w on names of people who make salawat for him. Imagine that. Imagine your name making it to the list. Perchance your name is on the top of the list for having made 1000 ++ salawat a day. Maybe we are in the middle or on the bottom of the list.

Shaykh al-Yaqoubi said:
He gets this report from the assigned angel who stands at his head. Except on Fridays, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w would hear it with his own ears [people making salawat] and in return, he makes du'a for us.

In a hadith sahih, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said: 'Your works are presented to me, if I find it to be good I praise (Alhamdulillah), if I find it to be something else, I seek forgiveness for you.'

Imagine the Beloved of Allah seeking forgiveness for us. All we need to do is say his name, Muhammad and followed by a simple du'a - salallahu alai hi wasalam. Imagine if you were to ask or employ someone to make du'a and ask forgiveness for you everyday?

You have not beseeched him yet he will appear in the hereafter as your savior. While we are busy with our own affairs and sins, Rasulullah s.a.w is concerned about us that he makes du'a for us. He is alive and well in his holy grave. He is hayyan tayyib, and certainly there is a vast difference between our prayer and his prayer.

Remember whenever you visit his grave, it's not the same as visiting the maqam of your father. It is incomparable. You must stand before him, convinced that he is alive, so you'll have to watch your moves and hearts. Be careful.

Because of him, we'll be relieved from hell, those who profess lailaha illAllah. His message is full of mercy. He is not just for Muslims but for all mankind. Anyone who makes an attempt to propagate Islam without presenting the examples of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, his/her efforts will only be futile.

Loving him is the key to get to Allah. You cannot get anything without going through his channel. Allah will love you more if you follow Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. If you want support, then you should support his sunnah. The ummah will be victorious if they turn to him. Turning away from him would result in defeat and corruption.

The mention of his name is cure. Whenever you get angry, say salawat and you will calm down. If you are in need, worried or burden with debts, make plenty of salawat and you'll be relieved from hardships.

We don't deserve anything. Do not ever claim you deserve something, like you deserve a five star hotel. Don't claim that you deserve a better treatment. How can we say we deserve something when we are full of sins. As a result of his mercy, Allah forgives us and keeps giving His mercy to us. Therefore, we will have to take note of the traces of his rahmah and feel his favor every minute, not every month or every week but every minute. We must understand his maqam [station] and his relevance to us.
Many of us especially the young ones, the youth who are still very attached to their parents think their parents are concerned about them. The truth is that your parents are only concerned about you for a limited time. Whereas, Rasulullah s.a.w is more concerned about you than your parents.

He is in the grave and he is concerned about our work, making du'a for us and seeking forgiveness for us. Is there anyone who is more concerned than he? He is concerned about us all our life. He is concerned about our actions, our well being.

You may have doubts in your heart, it's hidden and no one seems to know, but Rasulullah s.a.w knows it and he is concerned about it. Tell me if you know anyone, if there is a relative who is more relevant to us than him in our daily life?!

The above is not a verbatim transcript of Shaykh Yaqoubi's lecture.
Please click HERE to listen to his awakening message.
Sallu 'alan Nabi!

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