Saturday, September 3, 2011

Eid circumstances


It's the weekend and Eid is almost over, for now, until the 'corporate' Eid festivities begin. It's Malaysia, so organizations tend to have another round of Eid celebrations right until 30th Syawal. That's how it is. Sigh. But at least for now we are left alone after much association since 1st Syawal. We've been eating some good food yet we are hungry. We are hungry for inspiration.

There's no denying (apart from our family) we feel lonely among an uninspiring crowd. We are envious of our friend who spent the last ten days of Ramadhan and Eid in Madinah, mingling with the shuyukh and enjoying Eid in sohbah. That's spiritual luxury! That's real Eid!

But here we are, hungry because our situation is contrary to the advice of Ibn Ata'illah who said: "Do not associate with anyone whose circumstances do not awaken you and whose words do not guide you to Allah."

"The faithful is advised to associate only with the things, situation and people whose presence and words can inspire him to Allah."

O Allah...
Put us under circumstances that keep us near You.
O Allah...
Let us experience true Eid each and every year.

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