Friday, September 2, 2011

Hands of life


Eid is a time when we get a little melodramatic. It's for the right reason though - we are simply grateful. We are thankful for all the wonderful people in our lives, our loved ones especially our mother. As we watched her worked her aged hands, cooking, washing and more cooking, we tried to count the amount of good deeds recorded through her hands. Subhanallah!

It made us think, what good deeds (or the lack of it) have our hands performed. Are we doing enough? We know a friend in London, a surgeon who uses his strong hands to operate knees. We know of many friends around the globe who constantly work on their tasbeeh. We know our sisters as mothers and wives, work their hands tirelessly. And we keep telling the children, you can score straight A's in school, act cool whatever, but you are nothing if you have not been cleaning the toilet, it's as simple as that. Our hands were made for working all sorts of work. So let's do a lot more - give, feed, heal, care, soothe, clean, write, pray, help, name it. All these acts are in fact blessings we could do, thanks to the Hands of the One and only Giver. Let us be more grateful this Eid and do more.

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  1. Zameer,
    Am glad you found this post to be a pleasant surprise. Am glad it chased your blues away, a bit. I thought I mentioned it cos I know how dedicated and hardworking a surgeon you are. Credit must be given where it's due. We should only look at a person's strengths and turn a blind eye to her/his weaknesses.
    Keep it up and I pray Allah will reward you with a real beautiful angel soon ;-)
    We all know that with every hardship comes ease.
    Best regards,