Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thank God for men of certainty


We shall state yet again that the miracles and barakah of Imam Al-Haddad are true because we have seen it a couple of times. Feeling grateful for His recent gifts we picked up from our little book shelf, Imam Al-Haddad's 'Gifts for the Seeker.' And as though, he could read our state, the page we had turned to randomly, in fact the first paragraph we read actually described our state, Subhanallah!

May we continue to benefit from the barakah of Imam Al Haddad who quoted from 'Nourishment for Hearts' or Qut al-Qulub by Abu Talib al-Makki [d. 996 CE]:
"The author of the book, Nourishment for Hearts, may God show him His mercy, and bring benefit to him, said; 'If you find, to receive a favour of yours, a man of certainty who sees nothing but God, seize the opportunity to do him a favour! Even if his state forces him neither to thank you nor to pray for you, since he does not even see you, his certainty will be profitable, and weigh more in your balance, than the prayers and thanks of someone else.'

Indeed, we are grateful and thankful for men of certainty who are men of tawhid. While we may think that we are doing a favour to them, we are actually doing a favour to ourself. And obviously it is Allah who does a favour to us, to let us cross path with them in the first place. 

Praise be to Allah for creating those "stars" in the night skies so that we benefit therewith. Alhamdulillah.

Poster credit: Reza Mahboobi
Publisher credit: Fons Vitae

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