Saturday, October 8, 2011

The 300th Haul of Imam Al-Haddad at Masjid Sultan Abdul Aziz, Shah Alam | 8 October 2011


8 October 2011
Masjid Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah
Shah Alam
6.00 pm - 9.40 pm
Qur'an recital | Qasidah | Wirdul Latif |Tazkirah | Salatul Maghrib & Isha | Du'a Khatam


May Allah favor us with presence at such auspicious occasion and grant us knowledge and wisdom and obtain plenty of barakah from the Imam who lives on though 300 years have separated us from him.

May Allah grant us the ability and opportunity to share with more people what we'll be hearing tonight Insh'Allah.

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