Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hajjah | Hairun Nisa'


Al-Hamdu lillah wa shukru lilah, a very close friend of mine is leaving for Makkatul Mukarramah tonight. She is a very good friend of mine. Without a doubt, if there was only one ticket left between us, I would surely want her to take it. She deserves it. She is just like her name - Hairun Nisa', a good woman. And she has been chosen to be in the Divine Presence, al-Hamdu lillah.

I recalled telling her early this year that a certain mu'aleem said we should try our best to perform hajj this year. She said, 'yes let's just make a niyyat' though neither of us were prepared. But in my heart I knew she was more ready than I.

Glad I encouraged her to appeal to the hajj agency. Thought it was timely for her to go having been married for just over a year, she has her loving muhram to accompany her. Thought it would be beautiful if this newlywed could go for hajj together and yes, they made it al-Hamdu lillah.

She was the one who stood by me with enormous patience during my Jahiliyah days. She endured my ignorance and misbehaviors, not for a month, not for a year but for many years. Allah Hu Allah! She is a friend dunya wal akhirah. May Allah preserve our friendship for His sake alone.

Tonight when she leaves for her pilgrimage, I hope she will take a piece of my heart with her. I pray for hajj mabrurah for her. I pray she will taste the sweetness of being nearest to Allah at Arafah both shari'ah and haqiqah-wise.

She is Hairun Nisa', indeed.

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