Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Muhaqqiq vs muqallid


The path for those who choose to follow a muhaqqiq is not easy. That's the reality I am facing. A muhaqqiq is a realizer who has esoteric knowledge. Upon revisiting an old Lisan al-Din post on the distinction of knowledge according to Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi I learned that "a man who has inward or esoteric knowledge (ilm-i batin) which is Divine ilm and thus comprehend the mysteries of the invisible existence is a muhaqqiq (realizer)."

Their path is clearly very different from a muqallid (imitator). And I am like one imitator who has just embarked on a convoy with the muhaqqiq. The journey is bumpy as it requires lots of hardwork, dedication and patience, that is to state the obvious but when you walk and start to sweat, you'll know what I mean. So this muqallid plan and plan and then suddenly the lesson knocks on the head that her plans would eventually go down the drain. That there is actually a higher planner, those with upper hand, those who may be hidden but are managing this world for real - the Qutub, the awliya...the elitist.

Oh what am I to do? What is a receptacle to do other than wait and receive whatever may be given, if given at all? I am dumbfounded to say the least. And the quest for purification and obedience continues. The quest that will eventually takes us to the Truth so we may in the end realize the Truth and hopefully become a muhaqqiq ourselves bi-iznillah.

I came across a relevant quote this morning:
"Follow Sayyidina Salman (ra) in finding the truth.
He started with pure love towards it."
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