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Shaykh Dr. Saad Ghawish on 'ain haqiqah' and 'tarbiyah ruh'

Shaykh Dr. Saad Ghawish Al-Hussaini
KL 1st Oct 2011


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah, Shaykh Dr. Saad Ghawish Al-Hussaini was at KL Ba'alawi on 1st and 2nd October 2011. In the presence of Shaykh Yusuf Bakhour Al-Hassani, he began to address the jemaah with words of praise for Shaykh Yusuf, and that proved the degree of humility, respect, affection and sufi chivalry he had towards Shaykh Yusuf who was his junior.

He said:
"Allah having gathered us here with Shaykh Yusuf is indeed a blessing from Him. Shaykh Yusuf is one who is actively involved in dakwah. He is responsible in the management of many madrasah tarbiyah in Mesir and [across the Middle East] which deals with 'tarbiyah ruh'. He has travelled a great deal to many countries including Europe and the US. I have benefited much from him while I was in Mesir. His visit here is clearly a blessing from Allah. The real tarbiyah is in fact from Shaykh Yusuf and not from the kitab, tables, chairs in the classroom. It is the true understanding (tahqiq) as what have been taught and practised during the times of Rasulullah s.a.w. Shaykh Yusuf's manhaj is about al junun ('craziness about Allah'), ma'rifah (gnosis) and ubudiyah (servitude).

Ubudiyah is a high ranking stature, even above a PhD or doctorate qualification. Allah says in the Qur'an regarding the Isra' event - "asra bi abdihi..." The maqam of ubudiyah, of a servant is a high maqam in the sight of Allah.

In the beginning, we were far from Allah, we were heedless until came the inayah (guidance) of Allah. Maqam ubudiyah is undoubtedly a high maqam. There is a story about Bisyirin al-Haqq who used to sit with the noblemen. One day a stranger came knocking on his door. Bisyirin's servant opened the door. The stranger then asked, "Is Bisyirin a servant or is he a sayyid?" Bisyirin's servant was taken aback by this remark. The stranger said further, "If he is a servant then he should not be sitting with evil men." Afterwards, upon hearing about the incident from his qadam, Bisyirin nervously went looking for the stranger. Bisyirin was then blessed with Allah's guidance and became a waliullah.

Ahlillah is one who is close to Allah. Ahlul Hubb is one who loves Allah. Ahlul ma'rifah is one who knows Allah. All of these people, they see things with the eyes of the heart, they look at things with 'ain haqiqah.

Bisyirin was one of them. One day while walking in a market, he stopped by a fruit stall and stood there admiring the variety of fruits, looking at all kinds of fruits on display. The fruit seller asked Bisyirin if he wanted anything in particular. Bisyirin said: "I don't want to get any fruits. I am just amazed to see so many types of fruits and I wondered if Allah gave all these wonderful fruits to His disobedient servant, who makes munkar, what would He give to His obedient servant?!"

Bisyirin was one person who viewed things with 'ain haqiqah because his heart was full of lights. Nowadays people understood things differently. One who fears Allah is considered stupid and backward. Whereas, a liar is thought to be clever. In Mesir those who study usul i.e. usuluddin and usul fikh are heavily criticized by the media. By right, we should be condemning people who are ignorant of usul."

Shaykh Dr. Saad Ghawish then narrated the story of Abdul Rahman Ibn Muhazzab who bought a 'defect' qadam. Abdul Rahman got to purchase the qadam at a bargain because the seller thought he was crazy. When Abdul Rahman took the qadam home, he realized that the qadam was not insane, he was instead crazy about worshipping Allah.

Shaykh  Dr. Saad Ghawish reminded the jemaah on two types of servanthood. One is that of those who seek benefits and heavenly rewards. The other group is those who wanted only Allah. The latter is of higher degree because their intention is solely to gain Allah's mercy.

Concluding his tausiyah, Shaykh Dr. Saad Ghawish spoke excitedly and animatedly about his experience being in Kedah [a state in the north of Peninsula Malaysia]. "I was at Masjid Al-Bukhari and I saw in front of me a large group of people all wearing white hats and imamah (turban). I thought this was what Al-Azhar must have been like 200 years ago! I thought, is Al-Azhar in Mesir or could it be in Malaysia? Then I heard people reciting the Burdah Al-Busiri. I thought it's amazing that the Burdah was written in Mesir but it's being recited here in Malaysia. Then I heard people doing the mawlid. We need this type of food for our ruh. Enliven your hearts by sitting in majalis where people recite salawat, a majlis that is loved by Rasulullah s.a.w. -majlis zikr - this is essential. I also learned that the Kedah state is known as Darul Aman. I think that is so true because people are free to present themselves at majlis 'ilm, zikr and salawat. Remember that tarbiyah ruh is crucial; tarbiyah jasad is not."
Wallahu a'lam.
May I be forgiven for any errors or omissions.
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