Monday, November 21, 2011

No room for created things

"If the heart and its consciousness
—which is the inner sight (basira)—
is filled with images of created things,
its attention is focused on them
and it is dependent on them,
from where will spiritual lights dawn
in the midst of this heart
that is occupied with
spiritually opaque forms?"
- Habib Umar bin Hafiz


Allahu Akbar! This hit me hard. Very often our hearts are filled with created things, creations, creatures, lower nafs and the like. Things which could make one confused and lost to the bottom of one's soul. Created things, creatures all can be extremely deceiving. Opaque forms they are, said Habib Umar. They can make the heart very murky.  Recently, I discovered, sadly, even creatures who have just performed hajj can deceive you! Astaghfirullah, what can we count on then? So what remains as a sane, acceptable, basic yardstick in dealing with people? Seriously, I don't know anymore.

Still, in Allah we find the strengths to move on and to keep our hopes.

To all the wonderful visitors/readers/friends (you know who you are), thank you for your kind words and du'a. May Allah keep us in the company of good people who bring out the best in us. May Allah protect our hearts from unbefitting attention.

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  1. as salamu alaykum. very good site. Yes creatures are creatures. We have to struggle by the second to keep our hearts focused on the ONE who never dies, as Samad.