Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi on how to supplicate to Allah

O my Lord! I seek refuge with You from asking You
what is Yours lest I misbehave.

O my Lord! I seek refuge with You from asking for what
You did not decree to happen;
lest I transgress my boundaries.

O my Lord! I seek refuge with You from supplicating You
while I am in a state that is unpleasant to You
lest I be rejected.

O my Lord! I seek refuge with You from calling upon You
in a time when You do not allow it,
lest I be prevented.

O my Lord! I seek refuge with You from asking You
for what You did not predestined for me.

O my Lord! I seek refuge with You from asking You
for what You predestined for others.

O my Lord! I seek refuge with You from asking You
for what has already been decreed to happen
from pre-eternity and has been determined
regardless of my actions.

If I do, it is only in obedience to You,
and for supplicating and beseeching You;
not to object or suggest, and not to hasten
the execution of Your decree
or make it happen.

O my Lord! I supplicate You only to show
my state of powerlessness
and to remind myself of its inherent flaws;
as You my Lord love the servant who supplicates
in a state of humility and need,
but do not love the servant showing sufficiency and will.

O my Lord! I ask You while I am aware
that You predestined my supplication,
just like You predestined Your grants.

O my Lord! I ask You while I am aware
that You made it appear that my supplication
is the cause of Your grants,
only to allow me to witness the course of Your action
in what is being done;
and to allow me to see with my heart
the transcendence of Your Attributes in motion and stillness.

O my Lord! I ask You while I am aware
that You predestined my supplication
inasmuch as I am aware that You predestined not to grant it
in order for me to come back to You with full submission;
and to acknowledge that You are
the Omniscient and the Wise;
and to witness the oneness of Your Authority
and Dominance over the world of things
and the world of spirits;
and to allow my heart to witness all Your Attributes.

O my Lord! I ask You and call upon You
to obtain the honor of being included amongst
the ones You call to You;
and to attain the quality of servitude
when You call me "O my Servant" when I am before You;
and to get the pleasure of hearing Your address to me
when You say, "I am answering your call."

So, my Lord, make all my supplications to You
a door for me to get to You,
and a key for bringing me close to You,
and a ladder for me to climb the steps of servitude to You.

O my Lord! I ask You for guidance in all my affairs,
as You have recommended;
and ask You of Your boundless Bounties as You commanded
while I am aware that the Pens have been put aside,
and the books have been closed.

My aim is to bring my intellect
out of reflecting upon what it wants
to reflecting upon what You want;
and in hope of changing the course of my actions
from what You do not like to what You like;
so that time is saved and I stand
in full submission before You.

Since bringing about what You do not want
belongs to the realm of impossibility,
thinking about it brings exhaustion and busying with it
is a cause of distress.

Out of Your wisdom and justice, You hid the secrets
of the inaccessible knowledge from most people;
and out of Your Mercy and out of Your Bounty,
You revealed signs of the inaccessible knowledge
to an elite group of Your servants;
yet You revealed the secrets of Divinity in what You hid,
and concealed the Lights of Lordship in what You revealed.

O my Lord! make me, when, upon supplication,
I receive the grants, rejoice that Allah guided me
to ask for what was decreed;
and do not make me when seeing the grants
rejoice that Allah answered my call
and gave me what I asked for.

Make us rejoice for being guided to ask of You
what You have permitted to happen from pre-eternity;
and do not make our rejoicing limited
to the favours You just granted us.

The guidance You grant to Your servant,
to direct him to ask for what You like is a bounty
that You bestow only upon those You select,
while others become attached
only to the gifts given to them
upon their supplications,
which makes the gifts a veil
detaching them from You
and pulling them towards the created beings.

Our Lord! Pour on us the various aspects
of Your bounties and mercy;
and make us a target of the manifestations of Your Wisdom;
and include us in the people You love,
regardless of what You decree upon us;
and of the people who are attached to You,
whatever You bring to us.
As he who knows You does not need others;
and he who seeks You will travel through all orbits.

The above is quoted from:
Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi's Facebook - 9 Nov 2011.
I will die with regrets if I didn't 
copy and share this amazingly profound du'a.
Bismillah poster credit: Hamid Iqbal Khan
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