Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tashrik Days 1432 Hijri


Some of our more fortunate and blessed brothers and sisters, though wheelchair-bound were praying at the best of all masajid, some of them, both young and old were seen reading the Qur'an,  some were stoning away their bad attributes at the Jamrah, some with every step they took circumambulating the Kaaba, purified their souls and uplifted their spirits. And here we are waiting for the Divine invitation, longing for the much awaited call, for the golden opportunity to be hujjaj, someday bi-iznillah, Insh'Allah. Allah hears, Allah answers, at His appointed time and at His Will.

Pic Credit: http://www.youtube.com/hajjlive

p/s Subhanallah, I was overjoyed and overcome with emotions
when my best friend who is on Hajj
texted me saying
she was almost done with the Jamrah
and that she had dreamed of me twice!
Al Hamdu lillah.

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