Friday, November 4, 2011

Wukuf | Arafah | Ma'rifah


I remembered one most-often repeated advice given to me by one tariqa murshid - "be in wukuf". What that meant was to theoretically forget oneself (annihilate) and focus one's mind on Allah and get on with zikr.

Just about now as our friends are getting ready to make their way to Arafah, we can only imagine what's playing in their minds and hearts as they approach the area. And here we are.

Here I am on the eve of Eidul Adha weekend, feeling emotionally slaughtered by one recent event. My pride and dignity may have been slaughtered but does it really matter if or when I "be in wukuf". Things only matter when there is "I". In Arafah there shouldn't be anymore "I-s" but Thou O Allah. As depicted in the photo above, the "I-s" become blurry and insignificant.

That brings me to this du'a as practised by Sheikh al-Akbar Sheikh Muhyiddin Ibn al-'Arabi. O friends, if you knew the price I have had to pay to be given this du'a, you would be crying with me...wallahi!  

Nas 'alukallahumma
bi nuuri wajhikallazii
mal 'a-arkaana arshika
an tazra'a fii-qalbi ma'rifatika
hatta a'rifaka haqqa ma'rifatika
kamaa yambaghii 'an tu'rafa
Ya Allah.

I ask You (O Allah)
by the light of Your Countenance
which fills every corners of Your Throne,
that You cause to grow in my heart knowledge of You
until I know You, with true gnosis,
in what should be known about You,
O Allah.