Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 - Begin with the end in mind


Love whomever you wish to love, someday you'll be leaving him/her. No it's not an entirely negative statement. I think if we enter into a relationship with the end in mind, that we are going to part someday, by right we should be giving more of our love. If we enter a new year as though it's going to be our last year or the last year ever, what should we do? What would you do? We would be doing a whole lot more, won't we?

I wish we could do more good deeds as we begin this brand new day 1/1/2012. I wish Allah would enable us to do more good deeds. I quote from Habib Omar bin Hafiz's Facebook, what looks like his first lesson for us in this new year: "Of the reward of a good deed is being enabled to perform another good deed, and from the misfortune of an evil deed is being left to perform another evil deed."

I wish Allah would open the eyes of our heart even wider so we could see Him before, after and in anything. I wish Allah would open our hearts to see the Truth, knowing that we will end as we have begun. We were nothing, we came to the world with nothing and we shall go back with nothing while hoping to leave some love, hope and inspiration behind.

Let's begin with the end in mind.
Huwal Awwalu wal Akhiru.


  1. As-Salāmu `Alaykum...
    Beautiful words to close 2011 and to open 2012.
    Best wishes, as always,



  2. AlaykumSalam warahmatullah,

    Oh sweet to hear from you, someone so far away but so close in the spirit of brotherhood.
    Best wishes to you too dear friend. Wish you a year filled with abundant love and happiness.


  3. Ezza, thanks for your kind words...
    May Allah keeps our path safe and clean, so love and happiness will be forever in our lives.
    Best wishes, as always,