Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reading Martin Lings' Biography of Prophet Muhammad (Part 7)


19. Aws & Khazraj

In Yathrib, the tribes of Aws & Khazraj lived
alongside the Jews their relationship stiffed
Anticpated the Prophet with feelings mixed
waiting anxiously for his arrival from Mecca

A saintly Jew named Ibn al-Hayyabin
much revered for his amazing skills
brought rain in times of drought
from Syria he migrated to meet the Prophet

In Yathrib he died
with an unfulfilled wish
"O Jews, what was it, think ye
that made me leave a land
of bread and wine
for a land of hardship and hunger?"
"I came to this country
in expectation of the coming of a Prophet
whose time is near.
To this country he will migrate.
I had hopes that he would be sent
in time for me to follow him.
His hour is close upon you."

Situation in Yathrib was that of a mixture
The Arabs liked Muhammad but not his preaching
The Jews liked his message but not the man
Eager to hear from the Meccan pilgrims

Meanwhile, conflicts were deepening
Three battles had been fought in Yathrib
Aws figthing the Khazraj's clans
Seeked the help of Quraysh was the plan

The Prophet offered them a better scheme
that of his mission and religion
onto them recited the Koran
young Ilyas was impressed and spoke his position
"People, by God, this is better than what ye came for!'
But the Aws leader took offence
Quraysh refused them a helping hand

Ilyas ibn Mu'adh passed soon thereafter
professed words of God's Oneness
praises of Him and glorifications
died as the first man in Yathrib to enter Islam

20. Abu Jahl & Hamzah

In Mecca as believers were increasing
So too hostility towards the Prophet
Mocked at him at Hijir Ismail as he circumambulate
react to their slander, rendered them spellbound
"O Quraysh, will ye hear me?
Verily by Him who holdeth my soul in His Hand
I bring you slaughter!"

One prominent enemy was Abul Hakam
Abu Jahl he was known of Makhzum
The father of ignorance
feared for his ruthlessness and cruelty

Seeing Prophet seated at Safa
he hurled him words of abuse
to his heart's content Abu Jahl poured his hatred
silence was the reaction of our noble Prophet

When Hamza Abu Umarah appeared from hunting
a woman who witnessed Abu Jahl's evil
quickly related how the Prophet was ill-treated
Hamza hastened to confront Abul Hakam
who admitted his ugly reviling

21. Quraysh Make Offers and Demands

As Hamzah began supporting Islam
The Qurayshis became conscious of the implications
Utbah bin Rab'ah offered himself as volunteer
appealed to the Prophet for the sake of their common ancestors
offered him properties, kingship and honor

The Prophet recited unto him words of the Koran
and Utbah was visibly amazed
Muhammad ended his speech with prostration
for Utbah he had won over
returned to his people a different person

The Quraysh clearly unhappy
demanded to see the angels, mountains and gardens
questioned the role of Rahman, a man of Yamamah
how could it be?

The prophet saddened by the opposition
received a new support from one Abu Salamah
the son of his aunt Barrah
then came his rich cousin Arqam
to the believers he offered his house
so they could gather free of fear

[To be continued InshaAllah]

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