Monday, January 2, 2012

Shaykh Fahmi Zamzam on Kitab al-Hikam (Lesson 1)


The jemaah of Ba'alawi KL was blessed to have started the new year with a majlis ta'lim, not just another majlis but one where its resident mu'aleem Shaykh Fahmi Zamzam al-Maliki has begun a series of lesson expounding the gems from Kitab al-Hikam by Ibn Atha'illah As-Sakandari.

I had arrived late at the majlis and only managed to jot these points below. He said:

Those who worship Allah with any other intentions i.e. of wanting the reward of Paradise; those who perform Salaat Hajat in order to get their wishes fulfilled; those who recite Surah Yaasin for a specific purpose; those who perform prayers out of fear of the hellfire, verily he/she lacks adab towards Allah!

Those who perform the obligatory duties while aiming for the rewards of Heavens are like those who are still in Primary School. Know the difference between them and students who are in High School/Secondary School. Know the difference between abrar and muqarabeen in relation to the phrase: Hasanatul abrar, sayyiatul muqarabeen. A good deed performed by a righteous may well be a sin for those who are near to Allah. Makrifatullah (gnosis) is given to His chosen people. It's an honor only given to a select few.

Those who are sincere, the mukhliseen may conduct very few good deeds, yet the quality of their worship easily surpass the value of the deeds performed by the ordinary folks. Similarly, a contemplation of an arifbillah is worth a lot more than a thousand years of worship.

Concerning the aphorism on 'tasting', Shaykh Fahmi said Allah enables us to taste a variety of experience rather to experience a variety of taste. When He destined us a misfortune, we are able to taste the virtue of patience. Whenever He grants us a blessing, we are able to enjoy such blessings. Hence, we get to know Allah through various means such as obligatory prayers, fasting, misfortune, Asmaul Husna and so on and so forth.

Allah reveals Himself in myriad ways through Asmaul Husna. In each and every action of His, He makes us understand Him better so we gradually become cognizant of His aspects of Jabbar, Qahar, Jalal etc. As such, those who know Allah are sensitive to taste. Those who are able to discern His actions tend to have positive thoughts about Him. The taste that one experiences or feel in the heart is priceless for it is a sign of a heart that recognizes His af'al (actions).

When Allah witholds, He manifests His Qahar, that He is the ultimate Planner and He does not subscribe to our plans or wishes. When we are afflicted with calamities, we make du'a but that does not mean that we are telling Allah what needs to be done. He tests us with a purpose to acquaint Himself to us. We make du'a as a sign of servanthood that we must be asking from our God, our Master noneother. Allah is khairul raziqin, He is the best of Providers, He will fulfill our petition, but according to His terms and plans. Verily His giving and witholding are both a blessing.
Wallahu a'lam. May I be forgiven for any errors or omissions.
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