Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Welcoming Rabi' al Awal


Rabi' we learned, means the beginning of Spring. It is undoubtedly the spring of mercy on account of the birth of the special creation upon whom Allah and the Angels send salutation - Muhammad Rasulullah s.a.w. The one whose name comes right next to the testimony of faith - There is no God but Allah. We learned and by the grace of Allah, He made us profess Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. So we know about the existence of Allah who has a messenger, who lived between 570 to 632 CE.

He whose maqam is in Madinatul Munawarah is in fact alive among us. He is 'living' with us, omnipresence with us, through his sunnah (his acts and words and other acts which he endorsed). One thing we heard Habib Ali Zainal Abidin said which impressed upon us: 'He is close to you. He is with you, if you upon leaving home carry his sunnah with you. He is with you as you leave your house when you recite Bismillahi tawakkaltu 'alallah....So carry his sunnah with you" said Habib Ali Zainal Abidin once upon a time.

May we, in this special month of Rabi' al-Awal, make an intention and resolution to increase our salutation to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. If we were among those with high himmah (spiritual resolve), Habib Umar bin Hafiz has recommended that we recite this salawat 10, 000 times within this blessed month.

"O Allah,
Bestow Your prayers and peace
upon the possessor of all praiseworthy attributes,
the one through whom
tribulations are removed
and hardships relieved;
our master
Sayyidina Muhammad
wa 'ala alihi wa soh bihi
Ya Hayyu
Ya Qayyum
Ya Wahid"
May it be a beautiful and refreshing Spring for us all.


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