Thursday, February 23, 2012

God's work


"I do God's work in peace and harmony." - that's one daily affirmation crafted by Dr. Wayne Dyer which impressed me a great deal. It reminds me of one phrase in the Qur'an nahnu ansorullah - those who are Allah's helpers. Not that He is dependent of our help. But it's an honor to be doing something while knowing He would be pleased with us if we intend it for His sake. Ilahi anta maqsudi wa redhoka matlubi. It's all for His sake.

The kind of peace that one could feel upon realizing it's all His actions in our busy-ness and rest, in messy times and in tranquility - "That feeling of peace and surrender, keep us sane and cool" said a friend in faith from India, a friend who stopped over in KL for two nights just to attend majlis zikr at a zawiya. He is one deeply spiritual soul I respect and cherish. 

So after 8 hectic weeks of doing "God's work in peace and harmony" I hope to God-willing, see a more relaxed manifestation of His divine drama as He takes and He gives.

Hoping to go back to writing on this space, this weekend, from beautiful Langkawi island. InshaAllah.

Can't wait to hear the waves speak. Well, everything speaks the language of His glorification.
Subhan Allah.



  1. MashaAllah tabarakallah, you've got beautiful eyes!

  2. Assalamualaykum, was wondering... did you know that Habib Umar bin Hafiz will be in Singapore from 22 - 25 March? Do you have anyway of finding out if he will come to Kuala Lumpur as well?

  3. Wa'alaykumSalam, Thanks for the info Shahirah. So I gather he will be one of the many prominent ulama attending Habib Noh's haul? MashaAllah! Usually, if he's coming to town, we'll come to know about it when the time approaches, InshaAllah. Do check out informative blogs such as or
    InshaAllah, pray Habib Umar will make it to KL this year.