Monday, February 27, 2012

Switching moments


That's the first ray of light today, Monday morning in Langkawi. Am still here far away from the hustle and bustle of KL, cherishing the switching of moments from His manifestation of pressing times (Al-Qabdhu) to that of leisure and ease (Al-Basthu). A learned man once said to me, that's all there is to life, we are moving from one Qabdhu moment to Basthu moment and the cycle repeats. "So Ezza when you are in a Basthu moment, look out for the next Qabdhu moment. When you are in a Qabdhu moment, just hang on and look forward to the next Basthu moment," he said.

And I remembered reading one tweet a couple of weeks ago: "If you don't like how the day unfolds, try going without one!"

Praise be to Allah, for the blessings of BEING and for the blessings in each moment.



  1. baru je balek dari langkawi!!! very nice scene!!

  2. Wah...awak pun ke sana juga ke? Memang cantik kan Langkawi? Am now in Penang, my hometown, cantik juga : )