Saturday, March 24, 2012

Habib Nuh bin Muhammad Al Habshi - 150th Haul


Today, thousands shall flock to his maqam in Singapore for the 150th Haul - an event commemorating 150 years of his passing to Rabbul alameen. Alas, I am not there. But the route to him may not necessarily be in the physical realm. Love in all its wonders is the surest path to a soul. Love needs no explanation. If it touches you, it touches you, period. And it touches you at the moment appointed by the only One - He who creates our hearts, who whispers inspirations, who plants the seed of the thing we conveniently call love. Here goes, a love note from one absent muhibeen.

One of four brothers he was
born on board a vessel en-route to Penang 
[Oh, we have something in common!]
Nuh, what an apt name given
circa 1788, soon after the British conquer

Nuh's father was no less renowned
Sayyid Muhammad bin Sayyid Ahmad
served the British and fought crimes 
restored peace on the land

Nuh's 7th grandfather was a famous saint too
all known as Al Habshi since the 10th granny
Nuh and his three brothers were a good band
alongside their father they did wander
who carried groceries and a pan in a gunny sack
stopped to cook meals for his four sons
[can you imagine?!]

Married a lady of the isle in the sun
Anchik Hamidah was her name
gave him a rose Sharifah Badaniah 
she adorned the family with yet another flower
Sharifah Rugayah from whom the blessed clan descend 

At the age of 31 Habib Nuh moved to Singapore
upon invitation of one Habib Salim
during the times of Stamford Raffles and East India Company
near Sultan Mosque at Kampung Kaji he lived 
always fond of the poor and the orphans
who would surround him wherever he went

Habib Nuh was known for a peculiar habit
walk into shops he candidly would
picked up some money and candies he did 
gave them away to the needy and the children
sometimes he treated them with a tray-full of fried bananas
he was fun to be with, oh no wonder

He counseled many in his community
advocating good characters and religious studies
defend the weak, kids and the needy
shun animosity and not be greedy

Spent his life praying until dawn
visited graveyards at night to read the Qur'an 
some might have branded him unsound
going around shirtless in the company of the young ones

Perfomed the tahnik for newly born
a sunnah of the Prophet he was well known for
Oh, he enjoyed watching Chinese opera too!
in the front row he would sit
though the language was foreign
understood them all with deep thoughts in mind

While living at Marang road near Temenggong Mosque
he would retreat at Mount Palmer regularly
amidst the jungle facing the sea
this pastime of his caught a friend's attention
Haji Mohd Salleh, an Indonesian merchant

Intended to build a small musolla
a place for Habib to conduct his khalwa
alas, Habib Nuh died before it came to be 
Masjid Haji Mohd Salleh it became known
stood at the foot of Mount Palmer
below the maqam of his dear friend

Habib Nuh was the 33rd grandson of the noble Prophet 
(Peace be upon him)
his full name was Sayyid Nuh bin Sayyid Muhammad 
bin Sayyid Ahmad Al Habshi
the grand saint of Singapore and across the seas

Spent 47 years of his life on the island
one filled with miracles aplenty
to this day Habib Nuh is very well known
though 150 years have gone by
he is alive in the hearts of many
Oh so many!

Reference: "The Grand Saint of Singapore" 
Compiled by Muhammad Ghouse Khan Surattee and the Outreach Unit of Al Firdaus Mosque Singapore

150 roses for Habib Nuh's 150th Haul,
from a believer of the unseen,
the absent muhibeen



  1. kakak..saya selalu bc blog kakak. walaupun kdg2 ada yg sy tak faham, tp sy ttp suka...kdg2 sy ambil kata2 dr blog kakak ni...halalkan yer...terima kasih. May Allah bless u kakak.ameenn.

  2. Salam adik Nurul Ain,
    Terima kasih.
    Saya agak mungkin Nurul tak biasa dengar perkataan 'haul' atau kadang-kadang dieja 'hol' yakni hari dimana diadakan majlis memperingati peristiwa kematian seseorang yang istimewa di dalam urusan agama.
    Tak apa...tak faham hari ini tak semestinya esok atau bila-bila nanti pun tak akan faham.
    Kakak banyak juga baca buku-buku yang langsung tak difahami tapi baca saja sebab akan tiba suatu masa nanti Allah beri kita kefahaman InshaAllah, kerana kefahaman itu bukan hanya disebabkan oleh bacaan semata-mata tapi ia terbit di hati dengan izin Allah.
    Silakan ambil apa-apa yang dirasakan bermanfaat, tinggalkan saja yang kurang elok dan tak perlu minta kebenaran pun.
    May Allah bless you too dik.

    Kak Ezza

  3. assalamualaikum, saya pun nak minta izin nak share ayat *Love needs no explanation. If it touches you, it touches you, period. And it touches you at the moment appointed by the only One - He who creates our hearts, who whispers inspirations, who plants the seed of the thing we conveniently call love* dalam FB saya....sedap sungguh ayat2 ezza....saya pun kadang2 tak faham tp saya baca jugak sb ayat2 dalam blog ni sungguh bermakna....subhanallah....jazakallah khair

  4. Wa'alaykumSalam,

    MashaAllah, tabarakallah.
    Sila...sila...lain kali tak perlu minta kebenaran.


  5. assalamualaikum kembali, minta izin ya lain kali kalau ada ayat yg boleh share sekali lagi saya minta izin share di FB saya ya ezza.... :)

  6. ezza ada FB tak?

  7. Salam,
    Ya, ada FB, tapi tidak aktif sebab tak berapa gemar. Maaf, mungkin akan ditutup tidak lama lagi.

    Terima kasih.