Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thank God for all the good doers


From our beloved Prophet s.a.w we learned to think beyond ourselves. One whose love and devotion for his ummah is that of the exemplar beyond compare. We have also learned from one of his descendants the practice of seeking forgiveness for mukminin and mukminat. So we learned to mind the greater humanity.

I read about a teaching of a Sufi sage who despised passive worshipers, that the way to the Lord is by serving others. And surely we serve in our own unique ways. We are here with our own special contribution to humanity, while knowing that there is not a single lawful profession that is less worthy than the other. 

One seemingly ordinary concierge took the trouble to find a piece of information I requested but little did he know that it's not just a piece of paper but a gateway to new aspirations, in fact a source of  inspirations for the requester. So we thank God for every little good things that come our way. Steve Jobs said, 'things don't have to change the world to be important' but we must know that small things we do can be important enough to change someone's world. Let's take a moment to cherish and celebrate all the good doers we come across in our daily lives. 

Oh, I appreciate one attractive curry puff seller I regularly meet on my way to work, just as much as I enjoy chatting with one polite security officer at my workplace. And the list goes on.

This posting is also to celebrate the success of a close friend who has achieved something remarkable, that is to become a better doer in his respectable profession - a well deserved consultant surgeon he is now. Congratulations! 

Thank God for all the good doers. May Allah accept our good deeds and pardon all that is not.

Art credit: Yaser Aghayari

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