Thursday, March 8, 2012

A woman's message on International Women's Day


I didn't know there's a day called International Women's Day celebrated annually on March 8. I think it's of no meaning unless the men in the relevant international or national organization responsible for women's rights could present some worthy statistical report, like a drastic reduction in the number of domestic violence; the number of rape cases; the number of deprived single mothers or even the number of divorce cases. If indeed we are living in a civilized world, it should be a safe and happy place for women anywhere and everywhere. But this world is not a perfect place, let's be realistic and talk about it in a more sensible manner.

If only men would listen to what a woman has to say on this International Women's Day, I just have three messages and I am speaking from whatever little experience I have had during my interactions with men.

1. If you are a single man: keep your hands off her even if you can't keep your eyes off her.

2. If you are a married man: don't take her for granted; don't say a word about what you do with her in your private chamber; don't leak out her weaknesses to another woman (or  anyone) and never lie about your marital status.

3. If you have divorced your wife and feel the urge to broadcast your dislikes about her, pause and think of how well she has served you in good times. And do provide for the children she has delivered for you.

It's not too difficult, is it? May Allah protect us women from all evil. May Allah shower His love on us and continue to manifest His Beauties through us.

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