Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Gather for a good cause." - Habib Hussin Aqeel


Habib Hussin Aqeel was one of several dignified speakers who addressed the audience at the grand Mawlid Ar Rasul event hosted by Yayasan Sofa on 8 April 2012. He spoke on the virtues of gathering for a good cause. 

He said: This majlis verily is connected with 'alamil ulmi, it is a place of an event for the angels too. About fifteen decades ago the Prophet s.a.w had spoken about the benefits of gathering for a good cause. The Prophet said a group of people who convene, who choose to convene at the House of Allah, at a masjid, who gather to make zikr of Allah and salawat will surely reap plenty of rewards. And we learned from the ulama that the best of zikr is to learn about the deen. So what are the benefits that await those who gather for a good cause? Habib Hussin Aqeel said one could hope for four blessings:
  • Allah orders the angels to descend on the place of such a gathering. Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala orders the angels to come down on earth, in Malaysia, at this masjid, ordering them to lower their wings and hover over those who are present. What does it mean to be beneath the wings of the angels? It does not mean that we would become perfect instantaneously. We are weakly beings. We do not know what is going to happen thirty minutes from now, let alone five minutes ahead of us, we don't know. We sure hope Allah will grant us something good. But what if He destined a misfortune? We know not! As we are gathered at such a blessed gathering we can hope to take home Allah's bounties, that He would ward off any ill luck, and that He would protect us.
  • Allah orders the angels to envelope us with a 'bountiful blanket' that our life at work and at home will be so blessed. We shall go home and bring with us this blessing so that our family could also benefit from it. Our family will live more harmoniously than before. Allah's blessings will  go to our wife. Our children who might have been disobedient would change for the better by God's will.
  • Allah orders the angels to shower sakinah, a sense of serenity onto the audience of such a gathering. Sakinah is a priceless and precious gift. Not everyone gets to have a tranquil heart and peaceful soul. Only those who love attending majlis zikr could have such a gift. One who has sakinah would act more maturely when handling afflictions.
  • And lastly, our presence at such a gathering will make Allah proud. Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala takes pride in one who gathers to remember Him and He grants pardon to our sins.
May Allah forgive us.
May Allah answer our pleas. 
May Allah heal us.

May I be forgiven for any errors and omissions.
Pic credit: Yayasan Sofa

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