Sunday, June 10, 2012

Alone with the Alone, always


Two reasons why this is being written: because I am home alone and because I have been listening to the song 'Alone' by Heart, the whole weekend. [Oh, pity you! Some might say.]

Let's explore the misconception some of us might have about being alone. Being alone is actually good as it gives one plenty of "me-time" to reflect on life and its matrix.  

Some people have the tendency to associate being alone with being single. Well, no! Dr. Wayne Dyer says: "The fact is that everybody is single. No matter how great the relationship you are in with somebody else, you are still single. You are still an individualized expression of God. You are going to be single, even if you are married with somebody continuously on your arm every minute of the day." 

That's true because we are unique, independent individuals. But I also believe while we are all "single" beings, we are also alone in our exclusive consciousness of self and the One Being we are connected to - God.

Hence, we are alone with the Alone, always. Being alone with our Creator, our Caretaker, our Provider, gives us an incredible amount of strength. Don't forget that simple but weighty invocations we learned from Sahl al-Tustari:
Allahu shahidi
Allahu naziri 
Allahu ma'ie

Allahu mai'e means Allah is with me. Therefore, it is fundamentally wrong to say 'Till now I always got by on my own', even though that's one line from the song I so love to sing along to.

As this 'lonely' weekend comes to an end, here's wishing you a fruitful and peaceful week ahead.


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