Wednesday, June 20, 2012

His power over us


La hawla wala quwwata illah billah

Somehow, I am still suffering from anesthesia hangover. Not so much physical, but mental and emotional. I am feeling aloof, disinterested and sombre towards people. At the same time, I am feeling guilty about having to write this, you know writing about myself too much. But writing is like a prescription drug to some people. 

The only person towards whom I am not feeling aloof, disinterested or sombre is my surgeon Dr. Al Amin.  I can't wait to go for my follow-up. There's something magical about his name. I had chosen him solely because of his name and he turned out to be superb, mashaAllah! He was also bashful, that I am shy to say that I had not been more shy with him [heh heh]. I must write about him, excuse me. Prior to the surgery I was feeling nervous about scars and the cold lonely journey to the operating theatre. It was my third experience, still it's as nerve wrecking as ever. But having had a doctor by the name of Al Amin helped a lot. [Gosh, I hope he doesn't stumble on this blog]. He had removed a 4 cm of foreign element from my body, yet only left a scar as tiny as a cigarette butt, without any stitches. Amazing eh? So much so that I am proud that I have got an imprint on me made by one named Al Amin - almost like "a prophetic stamp" if you will. Allah bless him with greater healing skills, I pray, Ameen.

Okay here's a relevant lesson for me and you dear readers. And thanks for listening.

"Among the adab to be observed in sickness is what I heard from Abu Bakar al-Razi who said: I heard al-Husayn say: I heard Abdullah al-Ridwani say: "Once Bishr al-Hafi and Makruf al-Kharki fell ill and therefore the doctor began to visit them frequently. But while Bishr would inform him about his illness, Makruf would refuse to tell him anything about it. Thus the doctor said to Makruf, 'Won't you tell me how you are as Bishr does?' Makruf answered: 'Do you want me to complain of God to you?' 

So the doctor went back to Bishr and told him what Makruf had said. Bishr replied: 'O doctor! We do not complain of God to you, rather we describe to you His power over us."

- Quoted from 'A Collection of Sufi Rules of Conduct' by Abu Abdul Rahman al-Sulami
- Translated by Elena Biagi.

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