Thursday, June 21, 2012

Marhaban Sha'ban 1433 Hijri


Ar salallah hu ilaina
Bil karamaatil 'izom
Ahmadal Mukhtari Taha
Sayyidar ruslil kiraam

Allah has sent unto us
with incredible honors
Ahmad Al-Mukhtar Taha
The leader of all honorable Rasul
Allah Allah Allah Allah
Maa laana mawlan siwallah

We welcome this blessed month of Sha'ban, one which is dedicated to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Let's revise and recite this du'a, though common it is, we are grateful to have heard it from Habib Hamid Omar al-Habshi who had learned it from his guru Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad bin Alawi al-Maliki (rahimullahu ta'ala)

Allahumma bariklana 
fi Rajaba 
wa Sha'ban 
fabal lighna Ramadhan
Ya Rabbal alamin 
warzuqna siyamah 
wa qiyamah 
wa taqabbal ha minna.

The last part is especially important. O Allah grant us the ability to fast and perform the night prayers and accept it from us.

May Allah be generous on us in letting us taste the sweetness of ibadah and may He also grant us the wisdom to not depend on our ibadah. Ameen.

"Those who remember their remembrance of God (dhikir), are more heedless than those who forget their remembrance." - Abu Bakar Muhammad al-Wasiti

Four more weeks, and there she comes, Ramadhan, InshaAllah : )

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