Monday, June 4, 2012

Partial eclipse of the moon


No, it's not total eclipse of the heart (the hit song by Bonnie Tyler) but it's partial eclipse of the moon. 

It's 4th June, we are about halfway through 2012, Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal. It's 14th of Rajab, it's supposed to be a "white night" when the moon should be at its brightest but Allah is powerful over all things. On some nights He is not letting the moon shine its full glory, just like on some days our hearts get eclipsed by certain things.

Let's not forget to make a special prayer on this occasion, pray for forgiveness and that He will ward off any calamities. Ameen.

Earlier today I went to see my good old doctor, a Consultant Neurologist. I just have to mention it here because he is a good healer. The last time I saw him was eight years ago and I have known him for like 18 years. He is a good healer because a short session with him could remove a total eclipse of my brain, bi-iznillah. And his staffs were healers in their own right, the fact that they remembered my name, healed me the moment I stepped inside the clinic. 

May Allah make us grateful for all the beautiful people we come across in our daily lives. They are like the moon, neither partial nor total eclipse could change the fact that we are thankful for it.

The moon from my window, post eclipse

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