Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Transit of Venus | Love-struck Master

Pic credit: AP

Today, the planet Venus, one that is associated with the Goddess of Beauty and Love appeared to make the master of all planets, the Sun, love-struck.

Because we doubt we'll catch this event again in 2117, let's reflect on it now.

The Sun to Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi was none other than his beloved master, Shams-i Tabriz, the sun of Tabriz, the apple of his eyes, the one who held his hand and showed him the way to the Truth. Rumi was like a cup full of love, overflowing in fact, so much, for his dear master.

How many times in our lifetime do we get love-struck? Well for the Sun, it's once every 105 years or so. That's like once in a man's lifetime. That's how rare and special love is. The rest, let's just call it infatuation.

Rare, spectacular event like this demands a deeper introspection of life on this physical plane. At a micro level we get so caught up in our day-to-day routine, needs, wants and complaints. And sometimes we get nosy about other people's lives too. We should realize that we are a tiny speck on planet Earth and planet Earth is only a dot on the Universe's canvas. 

At the macro level the Creator is orchestrating all these movements so beautifully. Who knows why He is making Venus transits across the Sun? How many more times will this occur? It is very likely that we'll be somewhere else in year 2117 when this takes place again, if it ever will. Well at least many of us would agree not to wait for that year. more thing, this transient "mole" on the Sun makes me realize how insignificant the moles on my body are. After all, we are not going to see Allah with our physical body. We'll be leaving it behind in the grave. And we know already that He looks at what is in our hearts. We may gaze up at the planets as far as we want, yet He remains grounded in the heart.

Pic credit: Reuters

Rabbana ma khalaqta haza batila 
Subhanaka faqina azabannar

O Lord, you have not created this in vain.
Glory be to You, save us from the torment of the hell-fire.
(Qur'an 3:191)


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