Sunday, July 8, 2012

Be yourself in your own space


I think some people missed the point. Anyone can set up a blog on anything and post anything they wish as long as they don't implicate other people. You know if for any reason you dislike something you find on the internet, you can leave, anytime. 

Some people disapproved me for posting my own photos on my own blog. Hello! I will not remove all my photos as recommended by some 'holier than thou' people, thank you. Nor do I care about the impact of having or not having my pictures in here. 

I am not going to pretend to be a traditional or conservative shariah-compliant Muslim, let alone portray an extreme image, because I am not. If you see me dressed or behaving casually, so what? There is no need for a justification. You should mind your own abaya (or niqab). If you wish for a very strict shariah-compliant blog according to your definition, then create one for yourself.

I'd like to be myself, here, in my own space. So excuse me.

p/s I'm considering to make this blog private for invited readers only. Thank you all: my beloved nieces, mum, girlfriends and boyfriends, for standing by me.


  1. salam kak...lama tak singgah sini....harap kak ezza sihat....papepun ain ttp suka baca blog akak...salam rindu.

  2. Salam Ain,
    Saya sihat, Alhamdulillah walaupun ada sedikit 'angin' dengan kerenah orang heheh...
    Thanks dik, ada jugak org nak rindu saya ni : )