Thursday, July 26, 2012

One Thursday in Ramadhan, in Singapore!



Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah! We have been wanting to experience Ramadhan in this little country for quite some time and here we are.

We knew it's so Singapore when we saw their bubur lambuk (pic above, which is a savoury porridge traditionally served during Ramadhan and given out for free by local mosques), it's delightfully different from the one we have at home - its color, smell... oh yet to taste it, can't wait!

The atmosphere around Masjid Sultan was "buzzing", we just knew it, this was exactly why we wanted to be here in Ramadhan. As we manouvered the Muslims crowd busy buying food for iftar, there were a couple of tours for non-Muslims, young and old. I overheard one tour leader, a teacher of a class of primary school students; he said: "Look up at the sun now. What time is it now? This is the time when Muslims...." and the pupils' faces glowed in wonderment. One lesson for us there, we should have, and maintain the innocence of a child for us to embrace something fully and without prejudice. Only then would life be merry, peaceful and beautiful.

It's really an exciting place to visit. And the food bazaar...oh should stay here for a week to be able to try them all! I wish we could do that.

Looking forward to iftar and teraweeh later InshaAllah.

Complimentary iftar meal at Masjid Sultan - a tradition since the 1800s

Ramadhan awareness campaign for non-Muslims
at Masjid Sultan in Singapore
A living example of 'Qurrata Ain'
A young Qur'an reciter at Masjid Sultan 

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