Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Qul Ya 'Azeem | And those who love it


This video was recorded at Almarhum Shaykh Raja's residence in March 2009 exactly two years before he left for the realm of barzakh. Who would have thought that he's never going to be with us this Ramadhan? Inna lillah wa inna ilai hiraji'un

Almarhum Shaykh Raja Ashman and the guest of honor Shaykh Adnan Kabbani were seated on the sofa, on the right side. Shukran lillah, I was among the audience seated nearby. Thought I post this to heal many hearts out there. Some of the visitors here had admitted being overwhelmed by Almarhum, that he made them cry for no reason. This video might soothe you a little bit. You could catch glimpses of the man who moved your heart though you never knew and never met him. Strange but Allah knows best. Qul Ya 'Azeem, as mentioned in a book specially published to commemorate the 100th day of his passing, was one of his favorite qasida. Take a listen. 

Qul ya 'Azeem antal 'Azeem
qad hammanaa hammun 'Azeem
wa kullu hammin hammana
ya huunu bismika ya Azeem
Say O tremendous! You are the Tremendous One
We have been afflicted with a grave concern
And every concern we are worried about
becomes easy with the mention of Your Name, O Great One

Antal qadeem qadeemun fil azal
antal lateef lateefun lam tazal
'Anna azil maa qad nazaal
min faadhil khatbis-shadeed
You are the ancient one, ancient one
You are the subtle with subtleness everlasting
Remove from us what has befallen us
of grave and difficult afflictions

Qul ya 'Azeem antal 'Azeem
qad hammanaa hammun 'Azeem
wa kullu hammin hammana
ya huunu bismika ya Azeem 

Hayyun qadeem qadeemun waajidu
baaqi ghanee ghaniyyun maajidu
'Adlun ilaahi ilahun waahidu
barrun ra'uf ra'ufun bil 'abid
Living Ancient, Ancient and Generous
Immortal Rich, Rich and Glorious
Just God, one God
God is Tender, tender with the servant


Wa lin nabiyyi salli ya salaam
minna salaatun maa salaam
yawmal jazaa nahnaa salaam
mimmaa nakhaa fu ya majeed
And upon the Prophet of Peace
From us send greetings and blessings
Grant us safety on Judgment Day
From all things which we fear, O Glorious One


Wal 'aali was sahbil usood
saadu bihi beedan wa sood
laa siyyamaa maahil hashood
sayfu' ilaah ibnul waleed
And the lions from the Family and Companions
Became masters through him, regardless of being white or black
Especially the one who wipes out great armies
the Sword of Allah (Khalid) son of al-Waleed

Allahumma salli wa sallim wa baarik 'alayhi wa 'alaa alaih


Video credit: Superdervish

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