Friday, July 20, 2012

So smoking uncool


Most of us are grateful for the good things we do. We should also be grateful for the things we don't do, like not being involved in some unhealthy habits which are so smoking uncool.

Let's pray that the young ones among us, male and female are not negatively influenced too easily. You know we have all gone through the age when we were so full of energy and we just needed to channel it out. It was a tough age to be in because there were so many external influences. I can understand perfectly why two young gorgeous ladies in abaya couldn't resist sitting in public smoking shisha. Their image has stayed in my brain since last weekend, somehow. Maybe because their faces were absolutely stunning though I wished the smoke had not disrupted the view. Anyway, I learned these facts when accompanying mum to clinic.

1 cigarette costs about 35 cents and this is the math (as per Malaysian stats):
2.9 cent is its real cost [dirt cheap eh?]
5.74 cent goes to the manufacturer
23.21 cent goes for tax (this high number I reckon is the initiative to discourage smoking)
0.7 cent goes to the wholesaler
0.7 cent goes to the tobacco farmer

And the striking poster published by the Ministry of Health Malaysia also said, but you are not only paying for the cigarettes with your dollars and cents, you are also paying with:
  • Your lungs: you have got 20 times higher chance of getting lungs cancer and 10 times more risk for a chronic lungs disease.
  • Your blood veins: 10 times higher probability for your veins to get clogged.
  • Your heart: you are 4 times more likely to get a heart attack.
  • Your brain: your chance of getting a stroke doubles.
  • Your life: you have a 50% higher risk of dying.
  • Your wife and children: as passive smokers, you are sharing those ugly risks as stated above with them. [You are not that loving are you?]
This coming Ramadhan, for all of us non-smokers, let's kill our own unique bad habits. All and any kind of bad habits are so smoking uncool. May Allah give us the tawfiq to purify ourselves zahir and bathin. Ameen.

[This reminder is first and foremost meant for Miss Ezza]

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