Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tun Perabu - the mighty lady saint of Temong | Tok Temong


Tun Perabu was her real name. She became known as Tok Temong after her death. She lived in the early 16th century in Temong, a small district in Perak (a state in Malaysia) where she once ruled. Her maqam which we had visited for the first time last Saturday, is situated on a river bank, not far from Kuala Kangsar. 

Her elder brother, Tun Saban, arrived in Perak prior to the installation of an official sultanate. Together with one man by the name of Nahkoda Kassim, Tun Saban had an audience with Sultan Mahmud Shah of Kampar (Sumatera/Indonesia) asking the Sultan to nominate a ruler for Perak.

Prince Mudzaffar, Sultan Mahmud's son then became the first Sultan for Perak in 1528. It was reported that Tun Perabu presented the new sultan with a special talisman known as 'Mustika Embun' (a petrified dew). It then became a significant article used during an installation ceremony of a new sultan in Perak to this day. Sultan Mudzaffar Shah offered Tun Perabu a gift in return, but she declined. Instead, she asked that she be allowed to rule Temong on the left side of the Perak river bank, while the Sultan kept to his area on the right side of the river bank.

Each new sultan of Perak would customarily conduct visitation to her maqam. But it is worth noting that the maqam does not contain her body as it had "disappeared" during her funeral. The people then buried only her cane at the site which is also known as 'Kramat Tok Temong'.

According to one senior Naqshbandi mureed, Almarhum Shaykh Raja Ashman is said to have had a special spiritual connection with Tun Perabu. His followers are encouraged to pay a visit to her maqam. Last Saturday, prior to attending the majlis tahlil for Almarhum Shaykh Raja, Shaykh Adnan Kabbani led the jemaah to a special prayer at Tok Temong's maqam.

Wallahu a'lam.

p/s May Allah strengthen our hearts on matters of the unseen involving His saints. May Allah make us benefit from any special gifts which He might have bestowed upon Tun Perabu. Al Fatihah.

Reference: http://sultan.perak.gov.my/bahasa/toktemong.htm

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