Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Haul Imam Abdullah bin Alawi Al-Haddad 21 - 23 September 2012


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah, we have come to the time of the year for us to commemorate the passing of the honorable Imam Abdullah bin Alawi Al-Haddad (1634 - 1720 CE). May Allah make it easy for us to attend these events and all such events which honor Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, his families and his successors.

Friday - 21 September 2012 at Masjid Baitul Aman, KL
Saturday - 22 September 2012 at Masjid Sultan Salahuddin, Shah Alam
Sunday - 23 September 2012 at Masjid Al Falah, Subang Jaya, KL

Guest Speakers:
Habib Abu Bakar Al-Adni bin Ali Al-Masyhur from Yemen
Habib Abdullah bin Abdul Qadir Al-Khered from Saudi Arabia
Habib Saleh bin Muhammad Al-Jufri from Indonesia

The theme for this year is Al-Muraqabah.

Reflecting on the theme, we remind ourselves to keep an eye on our lower self. Until and unless we watch over our passions (hawa) and our "self" which often crave for gratification, we may not attain musyahadah  (witnessing) of the Reality. He who is alive to himself is dead to his God. That is why it is said the difference between those who are in the state of remembrance (zikrullah) and those who are heedless, is like one who is alive while the latter is dead.

We quote from 'The Sufi Sage of Arabia', Imam Al-Haddad saying: "Even the one who wishes for a crowd at his funeral is an ostentatious seeker of posthumous fame." Such is the nature of our "self", thinking about "I and my reputation", even after death. We are thinking always of the ways to elevate ourselves. But Imam Al-Haddad said and may we benefit from his counsel and barakah, he said:
"Cast yourselves down to the ground.
If your state with God is satisfactory,
this will elevate you even more."

So we say, keep an eye (muraqabah) on the "I".
La mawjud illAllah.
Wallahu a'lam.

Event organizer

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