Friday, September 14, 2012

KL welcomes Kate


We are delighted to welcome the lovely royal couple, HRH Prince William and his gorgeous wife Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge to Kuala Lumpur. 

We certainly admire Kate's inner strength. She should be commended for being able to offer such beautiful smiles and greet so many well-wishers despite having to face a personal crisis. Can you imagine how she must have been feeling? She was about to leave for a tour of a masjid in KL when she was informed about that unjustifiable intrusion on her privacy. No one human being, regardless of her/his faith, deserves to have her/his honor harmed. In Islam, one of the maqasid shariah (the objectives of Islamic law) is for protection of one's dignity.

Hmm...suddenly I find the supposedly romantic French so ungentleman-like. Only a desperate pervert would intrude to capitalize on someone's body. To earn money and gain benefits from manipulating someone's wife or anybody for that matter, is utterly disgusting.

It is our hope that our esteemed guests would leave Malaysia with a renewed strength and lead a peaceful and happy life together forever. 

Pic credit: James Whalling Corbis

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