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Ustaz Hassan Saiful Rijal at Haul Imam Abdullah Al-Haddad 2012


Ustaz Hassan Saiful Rijal of Singapore is a murid of Habib Umar bin Hafiz at Darul Mustafa in Yemen. He was one of the guest speakers at Haul Imam Al-Haddad held at Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz in Shah Alam last night.

Masjid Sultan Abdul Aziz was yet again lit with beautiful lights and nur of the honorable habaib and shuyukh who attended this grand annual event. HAK (Amanah Hawi Al-Khairat) the event organizer announced that the 302nd haul next year will also be held at the same masjid on 14 September 2013 (10 Dhul Qa'dah 1434H) InshaAllah.

Ustaz Hassan began his tausiyah by proclaiming Alhamdulillah and phrases of gratitude that Allah has gathered us at another heavenly garden. We cannot be sure if we could enter the heavens when we are called back to Allah, but here we are, by the grace of Allah and the blessings of one man by the name of Imam Al-Haddad, one chosen by Allah and honored with esteemed commendations - a Shaykh of Islam, Qutub Dakwah wal Irshad. May, by remembering Imam Al-Haddad, Allah will grant us mercy.

Quoting one of the sayings of ulama he said: one who thinks of or remembers the solehin, those near to Allah, who are tawajjuh (directed) to Allah, who practice muraqabah towards Allah, those whose hearts are never heedless, he/she will receive a great bounty from Allah. May Allah shower His blessings on all of you present here. May He fulfill our wish and honor us at Mahsyar.

As we remember Imam Al-Haddad, we must get to know him better, his books, his teachings and follow in his footsteps. One of the imam's unique characters is muraqabah. He was conscious about being watched. That his every move and word were being monitored by Allah. We should also have this muraqabah quality.

Ustaz Hassan narrated the event where Jibril came to see Prophet Muhammad s.a.w in the form of a good looking man. And sitting very close to the Prophet, Jibril asked, "what is ehsan?" The Prophet s.a.w answered: "It is to worship Allah as though you are seeing Him and if you don't, then know that He is seeing you."

Now, the question is "can we see Allah?" said Ustaz Hassan. We can't see Him or imagine Him. Though we can recognize His attributes like Ar-Razaq who provides food, Al-Mujib, who answer our pleas, At-Tawwab who accepts our repentance and so on. We do not have the capacity to see Allah. But surely He sees us. No one could monitor us 24 hours a day. But we cannot escape from being watched by Him round the clock. So what is the prove that Allah is watching us? Look at the fans. It is working because there is electricity. Now feel your heartbeat. Who is it that is powering it, making it alive? Who is the one who makes your heart beats? It is Allah. Your heart works even when you are sleeping, crying and even when you are forgetful of Him. He is watching us, so be careful with your every movement. We'll be asked, "O you, fulan bin fulan, I have given you feet, hands, a tongue..What did you use it for?" What would your answer be?

Imam Al-Haddad was one who is extra careful about his actions. His kitab is full of advice. Other authors may have/do the same but Imam Al-Haddad's one unique characteristic was that he's able to impress upon your heart, knock your heart. He was able to summarize a complex kitab like Ihya Ulumuddin in poetry form. O people, do not stop here at this majlis, read Imam Al-Haddad's books, attend majlis ilm with guru whose lineage is connected to the Imam.

Ending his tausiyah, Ustaz Hassan said, "Look at those honorable shuyukh who are present with us here. May by their lights, Allah will grant nur to our inner eyes, and guide us and answer our prayers..."
Wallahu a'lam.
May I be forgiven for any errors. May we benefit from the event and have the strength to practise what we heard.

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