Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Welcoming DhulHijjah 1433H


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.

The first 10 days of DhulHijjah are right before us. We are reminded to fast and recite:
tahlil (lailahaillAllah)
takbir (AllahuAkbar) and
tahmid (Alhamdulillah).

If you happen to be in KL on 4th DhulHijjah (Saturday, 20th October 2012) please be sure to swing by KLCC mosque (Masjid As Syakirin) @ 8.30 pm to 11.00 pm InshaAllah.

It looks like KL is fast becoming a city blessed with continual presence of shuyukh and habaib; majlis zikr and mawlid. Alhamdulillah indeed.

A majlis dedicated to love of
Rasulullah sallallah alaihi wasalam

It's a majlis for all. Not only for those who wear abaya, niqab or long veil. I wish to stress this after having read an article sent by a friend about Pakistani women in shalwar kameez and dupata being treated like a second class Muslim by those who think their "Muslim-ness" is superior just because they wear abaya and speak Arabic.

I personally think any majlis should be a majlis for all:
neck-exposed turban,
hair exposing selendang,

Let's go beyond the shell. 

You know my immediate neighbor is Indian Muslim. Obviously, she doesn't wear abaya. She wears a cover-up saree. But her presence gives us so much tranquility and happiness compared to our Middle Eastern neighbors in abaya and niqab who would fight and scream every now and then. 

Shaykh Ninowy said: "Judging people is not our domain, judging ourselves is." However, people have the tendency to focus on a person's outer. But a learned person like Shaykh Ninowy also said, "I see you not doing good, I still think the best of you." 

I remember someone who outwardly appeared to be "very shariah compliant" asking me sarcastically, "why are people treating Shaykh Raja with respect, why are people waiting to greet him, he is not ulama?" I think if you look at religion skin-deep, that's about all you would get - skin.

Wallahu a'lam. May Allah forgive me. May Allah forgive us all.
Sallu 'alan Nabi.

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