Saturday, November 17, 2012

Al Mawlid | Light of the Universe


Subhanallah. You know that sweet Turkish delight known as Rahat al-Hulqum (comfort to the throat), this is like Rahat al-Uznan -- comfort to the ears. Al Mawlid in my humble opinion, is like a gift to those who seek comfort in the remembrance of Rasulullah s.a.w.

If you have been reading Lisan al-Din this week, I think you may, by now, conclude that I am a big fan of Al Mawlid. They have been around for about a year but I've only discovered them like 3 days ago [heh heh better late than never]. Thanks to my mother who forced me to leave my lappy and catch them on TV Al Hijrah. MashaAllah.

I am posting this especially for our dear readers from USA. We've got more visits from America than Malaysia. Your presence is much appreciated. Barakallahu feekum!

Pray that Allah give Al Mawlid continued tawfiq and keep their intentions pure in gaining the pleasures of Allah and Rasulullah s.a.w. It's amazing how Allah promised to replace all bad deeds of one who repents, with good deeds. May Allah include us among the penitents.

SallAllah Ala Muhammad.


Al Mawlid:
Ustaz Kyrel al-Gayauwi
Amer Munawer Yusoff (formerly known as Amer Ruffedge)
Azan Addin Abdul Wahab (formerly known as Azan Ruffedge)
Zafri Nazarudin (formerly known as Zaf VE)
Abdullah Ahmad (formerly known as Lah VE)
Saiful Amir Abdul Wahab (formerly known as Pot Innuendo)
Abdul Mutalib Nahar (formerly known as Adeeb Fabulous Cats)

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