Monday, November 19, 2012

"Reply the Lord's call" - Ustaz Mohamad Hasbi bin Hassan


Ustaz Mohamad Hasbi bin Hassan led the majlis held at Masjid Sultan in Singapore yesterday, the 4th of Muharram 1434 Hijri.

At the outset of the majlis, Ustaz Hasbi spoke about the importance of having Rasulullah s.a.w as a role model for anyone who intends to fight or undertake jihad for the deen. "There is no better role model than the Prophet s.a.w. Allah praises the Prophet in the Qur'an not for his looks, his wealth, or race but for his akhlaq (noble character). The Prophet himself said he was a messenger sent to perfect a person's akhlaq. The objective of this majlis is for us to instill in ourselves the exemplary character and manners of Rasulullah s.a.w."

"May we belong with those who will be praised by Allah. It's not wrong to have such an intention, to have Allah praising us. Compliments from the mortals might flatter us, make us proud, have ujub or takabbur. But praises from Allah are a good thing. RadhiAllahu anhum wa radhu anhu. We want to be those who are pleased with Allah and Allah is pleased with them."

In reference to the opening recital made by Imam Abdul Hakim on Surah At Taubah verses 38 - 41, Ustaz Hasbi said we must reply to the Lord's call. Allah says ya aiyuhallazi na aamanu..."O You who believe." 

Are we just going to be quiet when it is Allah who calls upon us? When our parents call our name, we say 'yes mummy', 'yes daddy'. When our boss calls our name, we say 'yes boss'. When our captain calls, we say 'yes sir' and we would reply very loudly. What do we say when Allah says 'O you who believe'?  We should say labbaikallah humma labbaik

Ustaz Hasbi said if we can't say the phrase in full, we should at least say labbaikallah humma labbaik each and every time we hear people recite ya aiyuhallazi na aamanu. It is adab to answer Him. Only then would the heart maintains contact with Allah. We should keep replying to the Lord's call and feel it deeply until we shed tears because it's an honor to be addressed by Allah, for the Lord honors us and raises our ranks thereby.

In verse 38 of Surah At Tawbah, Allah asks us "O you who believe, what is wrong with you that, when it is said to you, 'Go forth in the way of God', you sink down heavily to the ground. Are you so content with the life of this world, rather than with the Hereafter? Yet the enjoyment of the life of this world, is in the hereafter, but little." [Translation by the Royal Al Bayt Institute.]  

So He is asking, why are you not going forth in the way of God? If we don't do that, He will punish us though we know not how exactly He will punish us. Allahu a'lam.

Ustaz Hasbi said, therefore, we must spend our time and energy to attend majlis Rasulullah, majlis salawat. Jihad is not just about going to war. It is also about striving to one's best ability in defending/promoting Allah and Rasulullah s.a.w. If we do not hasten to do it, to help the Prophet, Allah Himself will help His Rasul. He will bring forth other makhluk (creations) to help His messenger as He had done when the Prophet and Sayyidina Abu Bakar were hiding in the cave. Allah made a spider help His messenger. And as in the story of ashabul kahfi, Allah let a dog guard them. So we ought to have firm resolve to help the Prophet s.a.w. and the deen

Before leading the congregation in reciting asmaul husna and solatul hajat (petitionary prayer), Ustaz Hasbi prayed so that we belong with those who would make an effort to defend Allah and Rasulullah; that Allah make our heart sincere, that we are sincere in all our affairs. 

Allahu a'lam. May I be forgiven for any errors and omissions.

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