Sunday, December 16, 2012

Angels lost at the hands of disconnected souls, again!


"Write what should not be forgotten." - Isabel Allende

What should not be forgotten is how innocent lives have been lost at the hands of many disconnected souls, over and over again. Last Friday, Newtown, Connecticut appeared to be the most recent victim. And we all mourned along. 

Many little angels, like Ana Marquez Greene were abruptly and inhumanly robbed from their beloved families. I cannot imagine if Ana's father, Jimmy Greene, a prominent Canadian Jazz musician, could ever play a happy tune again.

Ana Marquez Greene
and 25 others shot dead while at school in Connecticut USA

As adults, and some of us "brilliant politicians" and "law-makers", we should have learned from many similar episodes which have befallen one community after another. Unless we want to see history repeat itself, perhaps until it is the President's/King's/Queen's babies who become the next victim, only then we would do something constructively?

On one hand, and occasionally, we try to connect our souls with the virtues of keeping a good faith and good morals. On the other hand, we promote and even celebrate the opposite. We keep going back to the theaters for movies which mostly strive on crimes and gun-scenes. We take for granted about some disconnected souls who could be inspired and motivated by our negative creativity. Then we allow them easy access to deadly tools. So, we once again, let our children and innocent lives pay for our lack of wisdom and action. 

Ana must be looking down from heaven and asking: 'Daddy, who gave him the gun?' 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the bereaved families and friends connected to the Sandy Hook School tragedy.

The gunman's mother was an avid gun collector and had taught him target shooting. She died at his hand, from her own weapon.
Moral: Teach/show children only the good.

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