Sunday, December 2, 2012

Being grateful for the things we didn't have


We have learned again and again that His withholding is His way of giving something better. 

We learn today that having plenty of money, a superb car and a good looking, successful spouse is not everything.

The Prophet s.a.w told us to remember often the destroyer of all pleasures - death. What good is money if we used it to purchase a very expensive car, if the vehicle could make us proud and reckless because we put our trust in its performance and ability more than putting our trust in Allah. Not realizing that someday the car we invest in and take pride in, might become a destroyer of all pleasures. 

What good is a good looking and successful spouse if he does not put your safety and well being as first priority? Not putting your children's safety as top priority just because he is driven by his ego and selfish interests. One whose carelessness and irresponsible behavior causes your death and your children's death!


Today, we realized better that possessions, spouse and children are truly and merely temporary decorations for this world. That we do not want to be led by a man who lives on "the what" and "the how". We would rather be married to one who teaches us "the why" than one who buys us a Louis Vuitton handbag so that he would look good. Yes he.

Today we realized that we should not only be grateful for the things we have but also for the things we do not have.

O Allah, give us good in this dunya and give us good in the hereafter. And protect us from the torments of the fire. 

O Allah, protect us from calamities, from wishing for things that might not be good for us and our deen.  Should You give us any wealth and privileges, let it remain in our hands, do not let it enter our hearts. Let it be something that makes us closer to You. Let it be something that is beneficial to our loved ones. Do not let it be something that destroys our loved ones.

O Allah, protect us from our ego. Grant us sincerity in our actions. Make our intentions be for Your sake only. Make us seek You in all our actions and make it easy for us to perform righteous actions.

O Allah, give us a good ending. 

Pic credit: Hadi Moezi

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